What is coaching?

Coaching is helpful when you need change or movement in an area of your life.

Coaching takes the form of a structured conversation where the coachee chooses the topic and the coach listens deeply, reflects back what they hear, and asks carefully chosen questions in order to help the coachee find their own answers. It is forward-looking, action focussed, and works towards the goals you want to achieve or to get you to the place in your life that you want to reach.


What can coaching help you with?

Coaching can be helpful for:

  • thinking through a challenge or dilemma
  • making a shift when you’re feeling stuck
  • increasing self-confidence or well-being
  • thriving in times of change
  • doing more of something that is good or less of something that you don’t like

What are the results of coaching?

The effects of coaching can be feelings of:

  • Joy and liberation from achieving autonomy in your life
  • Lightness and freedom through making your own choices
  • Fulfilment and optimism from meeting your potential
  • Enhanced self-esteem, self-belief and motivation

How is it different from counselling or therapy?

In coaching there is an emphasis on the coachee finding a solution whereas in therapy you might look more at the problem, and consider the past in great detail.

Is coaching the same as mentoring?

Coaching is a relationship of equals while mentoring often involves someone more senior or more experienced in a particular field passing on knowledge and advice.

How can I help you?


what my clients say...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"After just a few sessions I've been more productive, more positive and consequently more able...I'm already seeing some successes in how I feel and what I can achieve and am ultimately pursuing what makes me happy!"

Beena, North Finchley